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From Parchment to Pixels - Animate Bible #2

Free and widespread access to the Bible – good or bad?

Phyllis Tickle began our session on Sunday with a discussion of how access to the Bible has changed over the years.  

  • Oral storytelling
  • Written slowly and painstakingly on parchment
  • Translated into Latin, but still limited to being read by church officials
  • With the advent of the printing press, translated into many languages and available to many people.

 And today we have all kinds of electronic and online access - Bible apps, Google searches and more

Her main question to us was -
Does our easy access to the Bible these days make us take it for granted?  What do we gain from this easy access?  What do we lose?
What do you think??

Going deeper, online
Phyllis Tickle passed away in 2015, so you can’t follow her, except in your prayers.  But she has a wonderful series on YouTube entitled Emergence Christianity.  Here’s the link for Session One.  

Or you can just go to YouTube, enter Phyllis Tickle, and choose from a whole list of wonderful lectures, dialogues and debates talking about the emerging church and the future of Christianity.

Going deeper, in print
In addition to the books listed in your journal, God’s Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible by Adam Nicholson, was once a best-seller and is an excellent description of the context and history around the making of the King James Bible.  A Bible in a language that the common people could understand and actually available to lots of people was a radical and almost subversive idea in those days.  God's Secretaries details the fight to make this happen.  It's a great read.

Session #3 is next Sunday, (January 21st) at 9:00 or shortly thereafter in the Adult Christian Ed room.  We’ll be viewing a video featuring Rachel Held-Evans, and talking about the discomfort many Christians feel when they read the Old Testament.  The session is entitled TestamentsOne story, Two parts.  

Everyone is welcome!

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