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Let Go and Look Around

Spiritual practice is key to spiritual life. Like any other activity or skill, practice is necessary for growth or mastery. Something else to be aware of is that our spiritual practice is what holds us accountable to our spiritual beliefs and convictions. In other words if we say that we love all people, but never practice kindness, then our beliefs and behaviors are out of alignment.

A more direct word for this is hypocrisy. For Christians, our spiritual practices range greatly and they in turn fuel our actions. It hard to say if one comes before the other. Do we first believe, and then practice, and then act? It seems like a logical flow, but then again, often our beliefs are formed after having experiences, or our spiritual practices and exercises change and therefore our ministries or acts of service do as well.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the order doesn’t matter as much as the “flow."  If God is always moving, changing, awakening within us, then we’re never stagnant. But we have to keep space available in our minds, hearts, arms, and spiritual sight line for Divine manifestations.


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