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St. Mary’s is one of many parishes in NewportCounty to participate in a daily soup kitchen.  Every 2nd Thursday of the month volunteers from our Parish prepare and serve complete, hot meatloaf dinners at St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Newport. Please consider adopting this mission as your own.  Participation may be in the form of making meatloaf or finger dessert or providing a variety of side dishes.  Meatloaves or desserts may be baked, wrapped in aluminum foil and frozen any time leading up to the 2nd Thursday. You may deliver your frozen contribution to the freezer in the Parish House  between 9 am and 3 pm, Tuesday through Friday. If you prefer, freshly baked and ready to reheat meatloaves or desserts may be delivered to the Parish House kitchen refrigerator  by 1 pm on Soup Kitchen Thursday. Please label your meatloaf "SOUP KITCHEN."  Or, if you are not into making meat loaf, we can always use a donation of fruit, rolls, finger desserts; or jars/bottles of Ragu sauce, apple sauce, and apple juice.

For more information or to volunteer in this ministry contact Dave Monroe ( )

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