Spiritual Nourishment for the Fall

by Gabe Giella, Director of Christian Formation on August 25, 2017

Spiritual Nourishment for the Fall

The goal of all of our formation offerings is to create opportunities for what Richard Rohr calls "vital spiritual experiences"--moments that can take place in prayer or in a class, at worship, or at the dinner table, that help us sustain an experience of God'd love and action in our lives. This happens through teaching, shared prayer, and simply spending time together as a church family. It's these spiritual experiences that compel us to seek Christ in the "other" and do the work of creating a more just and human world.  

The results of our experience with Renewal Works revealed a number of areas that members would like to see growth: in spiritual practices, biblical literacy and interpretation, and a deeper grasp of the liturgy. We will have classes and workshops of various kinds throughout the year on all these topics both for seekers of broad information and those ready to go deeper.

We begin our journey this fall with Life in the Spirit a seven week seminar that gives a taste of sharing prayers, hearing personal testimonies of God's amazing love and learning from one another - shared praxis - in an all ages setting where we expect God to speak through us in  surprising ways.  We hope you'll join us in this experience of personal and parish transformation.

Women's Spirituality consists of retreats, book clubs, bible study, and MotherSpace, all with components of reflection and well being for the nourishment of soul and body.

Men's Bible Study is held every other Saturday morning which includes a discussion and bible study. Whether you've just gotten out of bed and need a space to chat, or you're ready to dive into serious conversations about applying scripture to your daily life and practice, there's a place and a cup of coffee (and maybe an egg mcmuffin) waiting for you!

Godly Play is a Montessori-style approach to religious education for children that inspires wonder, deep thought, and Christian story.  With a strong sense of structure that children respond well to, it's also sure to "hook" parents and adults who hunger for inspiring learning.  We are planning early evening sessions of Godly Play with Yoga for adults. Stay tuned for details.

Youth Nights begin on September 30th and run throughout the Fall.  These nights are designed to bring friends and young members of St. Mary's together for fun activities, service projects and teen oriented evening prayers.

Some themes include Manhunt (the game) with Pizza!, a Patriot's tailgating party, Let Us Bake Bread Together and lots more.  Check out the St. Mary's Event Calendar for dates, times and details.

 Opportunities to be nourished spiritually are abundant at Saint Mary’s! We embrace the traditional and innovative, weaving the deep traditions of our ancient faith with relevant, thoughtful classes, prayer experiences, retreats and discussion. Our goal is that the fruits of our spiritual growth might be seen and felt in the world becoming more just, loving, and awake to God’s goodness. 

We have something for all ages and learning styles. Won’t you join us?



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